Jerry's Pizza has moved and now has been open a few weeks.

We stopped by last night and the pizza is still outstanding, to me the menu looks a lot bigger, lots of wraps and sandwiches and appetizers - but i stick with the pizza.

the new restaurant is a bit smaller now, seats about 24 people - i think they are going to do crazy amounts of take out from this new place. they always did before - but the traffic moving through here was non-stop.

gone is some of the old school pizzeria charm, but the quality of the pizza is still the same!

they are now at 635 south main st, middletown ct .. same parking lot as Denny's .. next to where Dunkin Donuts used to be.

- Ronald S, Boston, MA

I hate when pizza crust is so thin that when you pick up a slice it flops over like a piece of paper and all the toppings and cheese slide off. Jerry's crust is the perfect consistency: not too thick, not too thin slightly crisp on the outside and tender in the middle. And they know how to load up the toppings without overdoing it. It's all about having the right ratio of toppings to crust and Jerry's nails it. We've tried all sorts of pies there: plain cheese, meat-lovers, veggie, white clam, mushroom and eggplant... Have not been disappointed once.

- Thao H, Middlefield, CT

Great Pizza! been a long time patron, and I am never disappointed! had the new Cheeseburger Specialty Pizza and it was soooo yummy!

- Ann L, Middletown, CT

The best f'n pizza in the world. I have been going here since I was 2 years old, and whenever I go visit my folks I always make a visit.

I have eaten at numerous pizza places in NYC and Brooklyn, as well as New Haven, and this place kicks all of their asses.


- Sean K, San Fransico, CA

The best pizza in the area! When they closed for a month or two to move to a different location, I tried about 5-7 other pizza places. They were all GARBAGE compared to Jerry's! I will honestly miss Jerry's when I graduate from college and move away from Middletown. The BEST pizza ever. (As a sidenote, one of the few places that gets pineapple pizza right)

AND THEY DELIVER! How amazing!

- Laina P, Dallas, TX

Great thin crust pizza

- John F, Cromwell, CT

delicious, huge, inexpensive slices! my mouth is watering just writing about jerry's. i usually just get cheese, cause it's so damn good!
it's more of a to-go place. the dining area is small and by the door so you'll be around a lot of traffic (it's usually busy, especially on weekends). that doesn't mean staying to eat is unpleasant, but it's not a sit and relax while being waited on sort of place.
what more can i say? best pizza in middletown, easily.

- Sacramento, CA

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